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With aging, menopause and other natural changes within the body, women may experience troubling symptoms such as decrease in energy, fatigue, hot flashes, loss of skin elasticity, weight gain, loss of libido, slower cognitive functions, loss of work productivity, anxiety, irritability and more, which can change the way you feel about yourself and significantly affect your quality of life.

At Evolve Medical Services, we can address these issues and provide a healthy and natural solution designed to meet each patient's individual needs. Through a thorough evaluation, we can determine baseline hormone levels and help patients maintain a sufficient body balance so that they feel more like themselves and can continue to live an active and healthy life.

We specialize in prescribing, when medically needed, bioidential estrogen, low dose testosterone (for women) and human growth hormone, in addition to medications to help you maintain metabolic and endocrine functions at the upper level of the normal range for your age.

The estrogen and low dose testosterone is prescribed in a cream form. It is applied to the inner aspect of the elbow.

Candidates for Treatment

Women who are unhappy with the effects, symptoms and changes caused by menopause and the natural aging process can benefit from age management care provided by Evolve Medical Services. Utilizing natural hormone replacement and lifestyle changes, treatment is considered safe for most people with many benefits and only a small risk of minor side effects.

Initial Consultation

Patients interested in age management treatment will first speak to Dr. Nathan during a conference call, during which they can discuss their current health, diet and exercise habits, as well as their family and personal health history, current medications and personal goals for treatment.

Patients will then receive a health and lifestyle questionnaire to provide further information about their current situation, as well as have blood taken at their local lab before scheduling an appointment at Dr. Nathan's office. For those with health insurance, some of these blood tests may be covered by your individual plan.

Once blood results are received, patients will be seen by Dr. Nathan for a physical examination. Upon review of all of this data, Dr. Nathan will develop a personalized treatment plan involving medications, supplements, diet and exercise guidelines to help relieve symptoms and help patients feel younger and revitalized.

How Treatment Can Help

Age management care improves overall health by helping patients feel better and preventing diseases that most commonly occur in older adults, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer's disease. Based on a personalized treatment plan, we can identify the specific changes needed in order to improve your overall quality of life and restore decreased energy levels, as well as treat other common symptoms of aging.

Treatment is considered safe and effective for most women and allows you to continue performing your favorite activities regardless of your age. Dr. Nathan helps patients through this often frustrating time through his personalized, ongoing care.

Personalized Treatment Program

Based on the initial evaluation performed by Dr. Nathan, each patient will be provided with a customized treatment plan that takes into account their symptoms, hormone levels, current health, family history and personal goals. Treatment plans often include hormone therapy cream, exercise programs and dietary recommendations.

Patients will see Dr. Nathan on a yearly basis to monitor their health and receive any new or changed prescriptions as needed. Blood work will also be taken on a regular basis. Monitoring treatment is important in ensuring that patients are benefiting from treatment.

A history and physical exam is necessary on a yearly basis in order to prescribe medications. Your blood work will be monitored regularly. When we discuss your updated lab work results, appropriate changes will be made in your medication regimen.

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Hormonal Therapy

The focus of Evolve Medical Service is on the endocrine system that is responsible for secreting hormones needed for cellular communication, organ function and rejuvenation. Medical research and literature continue to mount, favoring a balanced endocrine system for healthy aging-which means maintaining levels at the upper 25% to 30% of the normal range, adjusted for age.

As with any prescription medication, hormone levels need to be regularly monitored to see if they are at an optimal level. Benefit must outweigh risks on all medications and supplements prescribed. Dr. Nathan evaluates his patients on a regular basis to ensure that hormone levels remain in a healthy range and that patients are achieving effective results from treatment.

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