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Perhaps some of these symptoms sound familiar: Dramatic decline in energy, overall fatigue, difficulty in sexual arousal, weaker erections, weight gain, loss of lean body mass, slower cognitive functions, loss of work productivity, cardiac concerns, anxiety and irritability and loss of skin elasticity, all of which can affect our work, sex life and social life.

Evolve Medical Services addresses these issues. We establish a baseline through a thorough history, physical examination and blood work so that we can determine what your deficiencies are and which ones can be corrected via a program specifically structured to meet your individual medical needs.

We specialize in prescribing, when medically needed, testosterone, human chorionic gonadotropin and human growth hormone, in addition to medications to help you maintain metabolic and endocrine functions at the upper level of the normal range for your age.

Candidates for treatment

Your current and future health is largely determined by family history. Family history determines our cholesterol and lipid profiles, glucose management and cardiac risk factors, to name a few. Our Age Management Program evaluates how best to improve your health so that you are more likely to avoid the consequences of your genes.

individual consultation

On your initial visit, I will interview you and get the details of your current health, diet and exercise program as well as family history. I am interested in learning what medications and/or supplements you are currently taking. I am also interested in knowing your wishes as they pertain to health improvement.

On your initial visit, a thorough medical history and physical examination will be done. I will also order blood work for you that you can have drawn locally. If you have health care insurance, some of these tests may be covered by your insurance plan.

Two weeks later all blood work will be back and you will return to the office and I will review the results with you. You will be given specific recommendations as to what medications and supplements best to maximize your health as determined by all aspects of your evaluation.

benefits of age management care

At Evolve Medical Services, we work on extending your health span. The science of age management medicine helps us identify and meet criteria that place you in the lowest possible risk category for a disease. This is particularly important for heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease, the risk factors of which can significantly increase with age.

In addition to disease prevention, age management services restore a youthful energy and improve the quality of life for older adults suffering from age-related changes. With a customized treatment program, many of our patients are able to lose weight, increase energy levels, improve flexibility and once again feel confident about the way they look and feel.

These treatments are considered safe for nearly anyone and focus on restoring the natural health and strength of the body through a multi-faceted treatment approach.

treatment details

Dr. Nathan develops a customized treatment plan for each individual patient to help them achieve the most effective results against the effects of aging. This plan may require adjustments, over time, as patients change their goals. A history and physical exam is necessary on a yearly basis in order to prescribe medications. Your blood work will be monitored regularly. When we discuss your updated lab work results, appropriate changes will be made to your medication regimen.

Treatment usually includes hormone replacement therapy, a balanced diet, and a regular exercise schedule, all of which provide patients with countless health benefits. We will be interested in hearing how you notice improvements in the way you look and feel. Adjustments in your diet and exercise program will also be discussed.

» To learn about our specialized age treatments for men, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nathan.

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